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Can a front loader be used to pick up and move an 8 X 12 shed?? Answered

Can a front loader pick up a storage shed and move it across the yard?



Yes, most definitely. The weight is not an issue. I worked on a farm for quite some time, and I can assure you that a front loader can do just about anything you want it to : )

The only problem/danger that I see is balancing it. An 8x12 shed could weigh upwards of one ton, depending on the construction and whether it is full or not. One ton balanced on two forks is not ideal. The best way to move it is to use two heavy duty straps wrapped around the shed. Spread the straps as far apart as you can to give it the biggest base to sit on. Be careful, and good luck!

A winch ought to do it.

Winch: $200 purchase.

Front end loader $100/ per hour.

you may need fork lift extenders.

Orr nylon straps in order to lift from above.

Yes, provided the shed is still in good condition, and probably fairly empty !

Not to mention stability.
The weight might be not a problem at all for the loader, keeping the load stable might be.
A shed is like a shoe box, they are only stable complete, remove the lid and box wobbles - same happens with a shed where the bottom is missing.
Slow and steady is the key and if in doubt make it walk on planks instead of the naked ground ;)