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Can any one tell me about resin epoxy anatomy? Answered

Please help me about resin epoxy, I'm going to build stuff with resin so please share any detail of resin.


There isn't one, for a start, there are probably 1000s of different resins for different jobs. What do you want to do ?

Well I'm thinking of glowing resin ball from solar cells in day it's charging and in night its illuminating.

I have glass balls like that in my garden from a store..

Can you post pics of those balls ?

The glass globe was held captive by the stem (Click pic to see whole image) See the strong illuminating LED and the 3 springs that held the lit ball in place..

The solar collector and battery were along the middle of the stem..

For $17 the product didn't survive through a second winter :-(

GlasSolar ball0.jpgGlasSolar ball1.jpgGlasSolar ball2.jpgGlasSolar ball3.jpgGlasSolar ball5.jpgGlasSolar ball4.jpg

7 months ago

Resin anatomy at its biggest.


First off do some reading about the different types of resins out there and what their main use it.
Casting resin for example is usually crystal clear and with little shrinking while fibreglass resin is more like honey in color and can shrink quite a lot if used for casting.
PU resins can end up hard like plastic or more like rubber depending on the mix and type.
In any case working with them often requires special PPE, in the most basic form still proper gloves and goggles, sometimes a respitory mask and full body suit...
If you want to get some examples and usage info check Aldaxa molds here in Australia.
They offer tipps, tricks and even complete kits with detailed instructions on how to use them.

Could not find Aldaxa molds, is spelling different ?

Either my bad or the changed the website, it is more like a store now :(