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Cannot select COM port in Arduino IDE after installing driver for UNO. Answered

I'm using Windows 7 32 bit and Arduino 1.8.5. I saw that my computer recognized the UNO, but I can't select ANY COM ports in Arduino IDE. And yes, I've installed the driver for UNO. Does anybody can solve this problem? Thanks


Try changing the USB you plug it in. If you still get troubles, check that you have the right board selected before you chooce the port.

To jfyar Hi I had same kind of problmes a couple of years ago when I started my relationship with Arduino. I came by it. I downloaded earlyer rev. of Ard. and then downl. again a later of. Ard. I,m running "still" a XP.

The propblem might be in the USB drive. I'm driving my Arduino Uno via a USB hub, working fine. Take a look at my instr. about having a Ard. to proghttp://instructables.com/flash

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This answer is not the most technical, but when I can't select the port, I use the UPBIATA method (Unplug, Plug Back In And Try Again). You may have to restart the Arduino IDE. From my understanding, the IDE searches for available ports every so often. If you plug the Arduino in at just the right time, it will kind of "backfire" on the IDE, not allowing it to show up.

If Windows recognizes the device, then the driver is working (anybody correct me if I am wrong). The problem lies with the Arduino IDE.

Is the ardunio a clone? you can tell by looking at your art work on the ardunions PCB, if you cant find the word "ardunio" on there then its a clone.

you will have to download the ch340 driver to make it work


Try this: