How do you make a bluetooth remote shutter device?

Hey everyone, I’m new here so go easy and forgive any ignorance on my part!

I want to create a simple Bluetooth command button that can connect to a Raspberry Pi Zero W. I’m looking at 2 options:

1. Adapting an off-the-shelf Bluetooth smartphone selfie button – but how can this be integrated to capture images from a Raspberry Pi and attached Pi camera?
2. Create from scratch a small remote control with a single command pushbutton that transmits over Bluetooth – which components could this work with this to connect to a Raspberry Pi?

Can anyone help at all please?


iceng16 days ago

I have two of the Apple not because they are superior, but because it was so poor operating.. I was going on a trip, real soon and the prospect of facing 'the_genius_bar' was a No Go..

So I bought another 'Apple was always a good product' Big Mistake !!

This one was equally poor (takes 20 min to Blue tooth link to a phone or tablet each time) :-/

Please confirm:
You want to take a pic with one PI and activate this pic taking remotely from another PI?
You do not want to send the taken image back to the one with the button.

First problem would be the coding, so get this problem out of the way by making it work with a fixed button on the PI.
Once you can take pics the way you like them think again about the remote button, maybe a simple $5 remote from Ebay does the trick ;)

Does the Pi Zero have native bluetooth ?,,,,,,,,,,