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How to make a video transmitter and receiver? Answered

I need a small compact and light video transmitter and a powerful receiver that I can use for my Drone, but i don’t want to empty my wallet. Is it possible to build a simple one, that sends video and audio via(with)/without – internet, I wanna try both, but not very complicated?

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Video and audio channels are not all that easy to transmit when you are confined by space and weight. That is a lot of data to be sent when you have a small battery, lightweight craft, and possibly long distances. Having said that, Amazon has a small camera that you could use for about $50. You may have to do some modifications to fit it to your drone, but it should work.

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7 months ago

There are many 802.11 wlan based links that are popular and typically a bit cheaper than analog setups. However due to the overhead of all the technology behind the digital link, there is a considerable amount of latency (possibly as bad as 500mS) and dropouts can occur. There may be more obscure ways to 'make' a device transmit video in such a way... Possibly a raspberry pi zero + 1080p camera module? Whip up some code on android to allow video streaming over a adhoc wifi connection? It will not be very long range...

5.8G analog transmitters/receivers appear to be cheaper now than ever, I see some on amazon as low as $40. Lower frequencies are also typically better. 900MHz ISM band is generally sought-after, although you might need a licence to use it.

Another idea would be to use a UHF RF modulator with an RF amplifier and an old analog TV w/ an RF input. I have not found a cheap RF amp, however. Also the frequency is so low that you would need very long antanna's for good reception, and you would be transmitting illegally as well.