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The clothes washer sounds like a hammer is being used on it during the spin cycle Answered

I have a problem clothes washer. As soon as the selector switches to the spin cycle and even before the drum starts spinning, it begins making a noise like the troll that lives inside is using a hammer on it.  It continues through the spin cycle.

All I could find on the web, that applied, was this video that has the identical problem, but no solution.  I would appreciate a specific answer to the cause and how to fix it.


My favorite answer so far is “It is possessed by the devil and you should replace it.”  But, as I said, I think it is a troll.



Best Answer7 months ago

Sounds like gearbox lubrication has displaced away from a lifting part..

I do not know if this gearbox is accessible but if it is clean & refill it with the the same grease after making sure the gears and cams move freely...

PS adding sawdust and hamburger used to make a transmission work quietly for long enough to sell a car....

When the washer got pulled out and flipped up, the story was an easy one. The bottom shaft seal had been leaking slowly and the transmission had gone dry enough to fail.

STP (engine) and AlumAseal (radiator).

Thanks for the Best Answer :-)

The critical clue, accurately reported by you, was the banging was evident before the spin.. Ergo that suggested a loss of lubrication.

Thank you for this confirmation..


Might be the different region of the world but we always pressed some banana's in there to make quick and quite sell...
And a leaking radiator was fixed with an egg...


7 months ago

If its open like the one in the video you might be able to narrow down the problem by feeling the parts. Obviously you have to be very careful around moving parts but putting a finger on the case of the gear box would enable you to feel the impact if it is coming from there. It could be something as simple as a set screw working its way out and impacting the adjoining part. Lots of possibilities but you need to find where its happening. Or just sell it as is to someone who likes fixing things.

Your drum is out of balance - If there is no obvious reason for this like something fairly heavy stuck to the drum then it sounds like a bearing may be worn out, this will need a more expert hand I think.

One of the hateful toploaders....
They never really clean delicate stuff and use more water than a full bathtub LOL
Jokes aside the noise is often coming from the gearbox.
As a toploader can't really move the washing around properly some smart guy invented the agitator and corresponding movement.
The motor still spins in one direction but the "gearbox" turns that into a fast back and forth motion - that weird wuush wuush you hear during washing.
Once the parts for this fail they make noise or the entire thing stops spinning.
In some cases you can find a still usable spre at the scrap yard or even buy it new, in most cases however it is a bin job.
Time to consider saving water and getting the washing done in a front loader ;)