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Whats a good base for a candle wax sculpture? What does wax stick to best? Answered

I want to make wings out of candle wax, so far I've made samples a few feathers, but i'm unsure what to use as a base for the wing. The biggest feather is about 40 cm (16 inches), so i want the wings to be fairly big.   


If I understand you correctly then you want something inside the wax or in hidden areas for added support!?
Wood comes to mind as hot wax is soaked up and forms a good bond.
For re-enforcing old jeans or similar, even those fibreglass strips used when joining plasterboards are great to prevent things breaking off.

aluminum window screen seems a possible choice of a "superstructure" material.

One dip in wax will fill the gaps and allow more artistic application over it. One would of course need to from the basic shape first.

I can't really say what wax sticks to "best" other than wax itself, although anything porous is probably a good choice. It sure doesn't like coming out of carpet or clothing, or porous wood.

don't fly too close to the sun.


7 months ago

Look into "Lost Wax" for examples and suppliers..

In my experience using wax to hold a semiprecious stone to a wood rod for easy hand wheel shaping, polishing and grinding works very well...

To release we simply put the wax assembly into a freezer for 15min and thermal contraction pops the rock off clean...