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Where can I find something like this or similar thaat could work ? Answered


My CCM trailer front wheel pin is broken and I can't find anywhere this part or something similar. 

Can somebody tell me where I can find a part like this or something that could work?

Thank you. 



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iceng (author)2018-01-13

There are so many manufacturers of Classic Construction Model trailers that you should be able to find one near you who may supply such a pin which you should provide a good picture to make sure we are all on the same page..

Then you might also try eBay...

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rickharris (author)2018-01-14

I would have thought the manufacturer was a good place to start?

If it is just a pin (a picture might help) The any competent mechanic should be able to make one.

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DanielaA43 (author)2018-01-14

I found it. The company MEC is still doing it. I can't believe it after all this time.

thank you.

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