does putting water MISTER help cooling your home AC ?WATER MISTER ?

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what is that?

Toga_Dan29 days ago

Hey, nice one! I would have looked at it sooner, but I had to cut and paste the link by hand.

and that extra amount of effort, meant I did not immediately look at it. Instead I was considering a comment by Steveastrouk,

"OR does he mean, if he sprays the condenser of his home aircon, will it be more efficient ?"

So I was pleasantly surprised to discover that someone has already tried this; i.e. using water, or water spray, for to cool down the condenser of a refrigerated air, type air cooler.

I have also discovered there is such a thing called,
"water cooled air conditioner"

which is kind of a professionally made version of the same thing. I've never seen one in real life, but rumor from the web has it they are out there.

after my "eureka moment" I researched and found others had done similar stuff. I imagine that it will assist an AC unit to some degree even in humidity. Consider that mist cools a Hot evap coil even if it may not cool a warm body 98 deg.

( I meant Hot _condenser_ coil.

seandogue28 days ago

In dry areas it can help to wick away heat. In more temperate climates, especially if it's humid (which it often is when it's hot enough to care) it actually impedes, since natural humidity stops the water from evepaorating, making the hot hot and sticky.

** evaporating...don't ask me how I got that spelling wrong.

I think the so called, water mister, is an outdoor toy.

If you try to use it inside your house, you'll get really high humidity, and liquid water condensing on walls, wet carpet, wet furniture. It is probably a bad idea to use WATER MISTER indoors.

I think water mister is the same category as evaporative cooling,

which means it will work better if the air you want to cool is dry, rather than humid. If you live in a humid climate, then evaporative coolers do not work very well.

By the way, do not confuse WATER MISTER with MISTER COFFEE.

MISTER COFFEE makes hot coffee, not cool water mist.

OR does he mean, if he sprays the condenser of his home aircon, will it be more efficient ?

I admit, it is kind of hard to know for certain what idea OP is trying to say with word salad like,

does putting water MISTER help cooling your home AC ?WATER MISTER ?

However, I stand by what I wrote previously about WATER MISTER being more suitable for outdoor use than indoor use.

Fortunately, the condenser, for an air cooler of that kind, is usually located outdoors.

By the way, what is the name for this kind of air cooler? The kind that moves heat by way of alternately evaporating to vapor, then compressing and condensing to liquid, a substance called "refrigerant", that flows around in tubes. I have heard it called, "refrigerated air." I think the words, "reverse-Rankine cycle", would work too, if common people knew what those words meant.

So, yeah, why not spray some cool water mist on this outdoor condenser, for to keep it cool? Or even cool it with liquid water, if a source of cold liquid water is handy. To me, the thing that makes this idea work, or least worth trying, is that condenser is outdoors, so spilled water won't make a mess.


iceng29 days ago

Florida is too humid for a mister Richard !

Either you need a better translator or should take more time to form a question, sorry but you lost me here.

Wut ?,,,,,,,,,,