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glue gun trigger not "gripping" the glue? Answered

When I push the trigger on my dewalt glue gun the trigger moves but doesn't "grip" the glue to push it forward. Any ideas how to get it to grip the glue?



well one thing to do dont use it in the heat because the heat softens use it some where its cool the glue. it has happened to me before iv a Bosch glue gun from bunnings for fifty bucks it has the same trigger system on it as well


7 months ago

You could just get a new one. Glue guns are pretty cheap. Ebay has bunches of them, some complete with supplies of glue. You could also just look at getting different glue, it also is pretty cheap.

Temp too low, wrong gluestick material, wrong gluestick diameter.
If not then clean the damn thing or if well used give it a clean and replace the trigger.


7 months ago

Bad glue gun or mistaken user.

If hubby can't help go look at a new gun..

Is the tip still hot ?

Could be a number of things, we'll start with the most obvious:

With no glue stick inserted, when you press the trigger the glue chamber assembly should have a part that rises and slides forward. Can you see this and does it behave as expected? If not, it it likely that the mechanism has broken or become detached internally (I've attached a drawing of a typical glue-gun mechanism).

The next thing to check is whether there are any issues with the glue sticks themselves. Have you changed brand recently? Are they the same diameter as the ones that you used previously?