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  • CezarP1 commented onYougZ'sinstructable DIY Box Spanner1 week ago
     DIY Box Spanner

    Excellent idea... thanks

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  • Make a Dragon Eye, Secret Compartment Book Introduction

    I love this project( dragon eye), I made one my self and having second thoughts about giving it away...its not as good as the pictured, but it was very unique and nice as a gift....But I have to admit, this one is for the artistically talented, and I'm an Un-artistically talented guy....turns out fun to make.....thanks

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  • CezarP1 commented onyago r'sinstructable Analog Slit-scan Camera1 week ago
    Analog Slit-scan Camera

    This is the same principle as a movie camera of the old days...what is new and unique about this proccess and results?

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  • CezarP1 commented onjohnag'sinstructable Arduino Portable EKG Monitor5 months ago
    Arduino Portable EKG Monitor

    This is a very noisy trace, it is hard to consistently identify the P wave and the T wave... as lead two...those two waves are the most important item in a ECG trace, it will identify, Atrial and Ventricular functions....the R wave is pronounced but not much info except for a cardiac arrest...then you won't need an ECG trace ...just palpate the patient.......but nonetheless this is a very interesting and a very nice project, maybe I will find other application where this will serve better but that is

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  • CezarP1 commented onJZweige'sinstructable ECG on your laptop!1 year ago
    ECG on your laptop!

    Hi, Im currently having, trouble with my heart due to my cardio mayopathy or enlarged heart and I need to constantly monitor my heart wave forms, to take my emergency madication just in case it goes wild before running to the hospital. your device would be a great help for me

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