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  • J DeweyJ commented onYougZ'sinstructable DIY Box Spanner1 week ago
     DIY Box Spanner

    Being a mechanic since the 70s, I have thousands of dollars invested in tools. So, I'd just use a socket, extension and ratchet. However, I also can appreciate well made tools and it looks like you did an excellent job building that one, looks professional enough to have a name brand on it!

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  • Easy Nicad to Li Po Drill Conversion

    Boy you SAID it! HobbyKing takes forEVER to ship, won't ever buy from them again.

    You can also coat the contacts with silicone grease, that helps keep corrosion from coming back.

    I agree and I am an RC folk. However, I have this same drill and I don't think the case is large enough for the 18650 batts. I will have to check, as I rebuilt it years ago with the same Sub C batts the factory uses, but now they have already gone bad.

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  • J DeweyJ commented onlonesoulsurfer'sinstructable Drum and Sound Bending Machine5 months ago
    Drum and Sound Bending Machine

    Thanks, found some 1M cheap on Ebay, looking forward to building this.

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  • Rusty Junk to Useful Stuff EASY With Chemistry!

    Well, duh, that's what dust masks are for. But to keep from breathing harmful chemical fumes, a more expensive, respirator is required with filters rated to filter either general fumes or specific fumes, and only for specific periods of total time. I worked at Olin Chemicals years ago and we all had to carry an emergency respirator that was good for only a few minutes, until one could get to safety. And, it was designed specifically for Chlorine gas.

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  • Rusty Junk to Useful Stuff EASY With Chemistry!

    Maybe you should say, or have said, a "car" battery charger. Battery chargers are NOT always 12 volts. I have plenty of batteries, even some SLA ones that are less than 12 volts. Your method of removing rust certainly is interesting, but I prefer a soft wire wheel on a bench grinder or drill. A lot faster, less trouble and less mess.

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  • J DeweyJ commented onPaige Russell'sinstructable 10 Unusual Uses for Baking Soda7 months ago
    10 Unusual Uses for Baking Soda

    I'm sure our preservation librarian would have something to say about people putting baking soda in our books.

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  • J DeweyJ commented onamalkhan'sinstructable How to Distill Water1 year ago
    How to Distill Water

    Don't forget the little bleed hole in the lid, if you put enough ice in the lid to cover that hole, then non distilled water will drip through that hole when the ice melts and contaminate your batch of distlled water.

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