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  • JohnW42 commented onPaige Russell'sinstructableHomemade Energy Drink2 years ago
    Homemade Energy Drink

    Maybe not connected, but ... if you have no time for a full hour of yoga you can split it up into 15-minute parts throughout the day. Can do at work (they wont notice if you are in a secret place). I have even done stand up yoga on planes, in hotel bathrooms, even meditations sitting in toilet cubicles (a boon when travelling).

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  • JohnW42 commented onamalkhan'sinstructableNatural Mood Enhancers2 years ago
    Natural Mood Enhancers

    According to CBT therapy, depression can arise from a vicious cycle: thought, feeling and behaviour. Each has a causal relation to the other, so habitual negative thoughts (emphasis on the habitual) sets a mood (feeling) in some way created by yourself. Mindfulness can reduce this kind of influence. Negative behaviours (flopping around, repetitive useless actions) also contribute through perpetuation.

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