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Retired and loving life without having to go to work. Just making wine and the odd bottle of whiskey.

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  • Gin From Scratch (Vapour Infused)

    Hi, I found bitter Almonds on eBay. Do they need to be crushed up or can they be put in whole? Hopefully by this time next week I should be well on my way to my first batch of home made Gin. I will post back my success or failure

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  • jimmy487594b commented onvelacreations'sinstructableCider From Scratch2 years ago
    Cider From Scratch

    Great reading your Cider from Scratch, much the same as I make my own, but mine is made is a smaller quantity. Can I ask what is the reasoning behind putting vodka in the airlock? It just seems a bit unusual to me as most home-brewers (including myself) use water. Good luck with your cider making venture I hope you continue to please your neighbours and maybe start a business with the cider.

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