​What is the probability of solving my problem in Outlook?

An incomprehensible mistake for a long time makes it difficult for me to access several recent letters that I didn't even have time to read, and this offends me. I've repeatedly tried to check the system block for viruses, but nothing has improved in my problem. What can I try in this difficult case with my letters?

Askedby BrynnCompton4 days ago

Creating texture or a composite in a photo using photoshopj

I just want to show some creative steps I used in creating a photo, probably photo shop. Does that qualify as a lesson?can I enter it in the water contest?

Askedby luv2instruct4 days ago

18650 protection board limitations

Hi ThereI've been lucky enough to stumble across a large quantity of brand new 2600 - 3300mAh 18650 cells and I'm wanting to find some DYI projects to put them to good use. 200W flash light, electric Go Kart or a basic power wall comes to mind. However first things first Ill be needing to build them into a packs and connect them to protection modules but Ive got a few questions:Protection modules come in so many flavors. 2S - 3S - 4S - 5S - 5S5P and bigger.. Do you choose the module based on how many cells you have in total and then just use a DC-DC converter to get the required voltage? Or do you try to get as close as possible to the voltage needed in series first and then find a module that suits? What is the most versatile configuration?Can I connect 5S5P pack to a 5S module? Can I keep increasing in parallel with no consequences? Like for example can I connect a 5S15P pack to a 5S model and expect the module to be able to balance and charge the pack back up? I understand there are Amp draw limits to watch out for too. The module I was looking at is below.https://www.ebay.com/itm/191978019369Also this module requires a charge voltage of 21 volts at no more than 5Amps. Where would I be able to find a charger like that? A laptop power brick maybe?Any guidance would be great as I'm keen to learn as much as possible!Thanks in advanced!

Askedby Plangy4 days ago