usb page turner foot pedal?

i have a foot pedal for my yamaha keyboard with a 1/4" jack at the end of a cable; i want to connect it to my laptop to turn pages while i am playing music; as you all know laptops dont have 1/4" audio inputs; could any one please describe a way to connect the pedal to the usb port? i have the software for the laptop to recognise whether the pedal is on or off; usb cables have 4 wires, two for data and two for power; i am assuming that i would have to use the power lines for this since the pedal is simply a switch; any info/help would br highly appreciated thank you

Askedby samcheri6 years ago

Wanting to make a drink holder that plays music when I lift up the drink! Anyone have plans for this?

Hey all! I have just finished making my Zombie Perk Cola Bottles (link :  ) and I'm wanting to make a platform so where I lift up one of these bottles, it starts playing a certain song/sound. Does anyone already have a plan for something like this? 

Askedby DaKurlzz6 years ago

Can't Access Hompage

Posted it as a question first because I had trouble finding the bug page: I've tried with FF4.0 and IE with no luck. No viruses, cookies enabled. I can access all of the pages I have tried *EXCEPT* the home page, no matter how I navigate there.  I get the error "Firefox has detected that the server is redirecting the request for this address in a way that will never complete."

Postedby roccopeterbilt6 years ago

Pro Membership for Egypt

Hi I would like to have Membership Pro but when I tied to enter my credit card info, Egypt was not one of the countries listed in the country field. Can you please advice on how to become a member while I am from Egypt. Thanks

Postedby vbmsa6 years ago

Testing Tesla coil frequency with a multimeter frequency (Hz) meter?

My multimeter can measure up to 20MHz and I was wondering if I could test the resonant frequency of my Tesla coil by running it (untuned) then having the multimeter attached to an inductor a few feet away?  Would this work or would I need some kind of small circuit attached to the multimeter as well? If I could do this would it work with the primary as well?

Askedby The MadScientist6 years ago

Home-Brew water purification unit

Lately I've been looking into home water purification; and I was hoping I could get some community support, and ideas :) So far in my online research, I have found that active carbon works well as a filter. So, I was thinking I could sew some between two pieces of fabric, and then put it at the bottom of a pvc pipe, thus letting the water go through it; From there, I got the idea of making a wooden box, which will be just about (1 ft x 1 ft) all the way around. I'd also line the inside with a plastic sheet, like those found in a home pond. I think that would make a good housing for the filtering equipment; I'm still working out the details on the actual purification of the water; I have a basic understanding of it, though if you have some insight, please do share :) Also, if active carbon would be a good solution, where would be a good place to find it; I live in the Glendale, Arizona area, so somewhere around here, if you could.

Postedby James.Litewski6 years ago

how to log someone off on a macbook? Answered

Im at school and i want to know how to log someone off

Askedby daniel1234567896 years ago

Is Picaxe capable of recognizing rising edge clock signals?

In other words, is the Picaxe microcontroller (any size) capable of recognizing a change from low to high (pressing a switch for instance) and acting on that change itself, not just the presence of a high?  Or is there at least a way of emulating this type of response in the code? Thanks!

Askedby Skidion6 years ago

If you connect the 12Vdc and -12Vdc on a desktop PSU do you get 24 Volts?

I used to understand more about electricity and electronics, i swear. I have used the yellow-to-red (+12 to +5 Vdc) method to create 7 volt dc connections for my desktop and xbox fans. I understand the concept of differences in voltage. Do these concepts carry over into negative voltage available on the ATX power supplies?

Askedby Andale_The_Great6 years ago

ThinkGeek is looking for an Electrical Engineer Prototype Wizard

Become part of a dynamic group at ThinkGeek developing custom manufactured retail products. Your primary job will be to design and create electronics prototypes for possible future ThinkGeek products. We're looking for someone who can take a feasible concept and prototype a functional (though perhaps not beautiful) model in circuit board form. Have your own electronics based ideas to add to the ThinkGeek swirling maelstrom of custom product awesomeness? This is a big plus. In a nutshell, we're looking for someone who understands geek culture, loves to create interesting and amazing circuits and can thrive in a dynamic non-structured work environment.If building is in your blood and you want to help ThinkGeek create the coolest most unique geeky products around, then we have a great job for you! Please Keep in Mind!We have specific requirements for people applying for the Electrical Engineer Prototype Wizard position. Please read the How To Apply section below to make sure you apply correctly or your application will not be considered. You Should Have: - College degree or equivalentExpert experience designing and prototyping electronics for toys and gadgets from scratch - Be able to interface electronics via USB, be a wizard at ArduinoKnowledge and understanding of Bluetooth/WiFi interfaces is a plus - Highly detail oriented and organizedStrong understanding of technical capabilities of consumer products and pricing - Understanding of product style and ergonomicsKeen familiarity with popular tech culture (gaming, science, computers, internet culture, etc.) - Independently motivated with a strong work ethicExcellent person-to-person, communication & written skills - Travel abroad 2-3 times/year (China/Hong Kong/Japan)Strong spreadsheet and word processing skills. - Strong computer and internet use skills.Team oriented personality with only occasional bouts of solipsism. - Ability to grok ThinkGeek.An appreciation for Star Wars, good beer, robots, monkeys and sushi is a plus. This position is on site in our Fairfax, Virginia office only. No outsourcing or freelance positions for this job will be considered. Not even you Gandalf. Strongly Desired: - Experience building mechanical gadgets or other items besides circuitsProficiency with Adobe Illustrator - Great ideas for new electronics based products - A pet monkey... (although he may only visit the office on Sundays) How To Apply: ThinkGeek is a small, close-knit group of fun, weird, and enthusiastic people who run one of the most successful niche eCommerce sites on the Internets (IR #232). As part of Geeknet, a publicly held company, ThinkGeek employees receive an excellent benefits package while enjoying the fun of working in an exciting start-up environment in our Fairfax, Virginia office. Please note, this posting is for a permanent, full time position in our Fairfax, Virginia office. Only local applicants or those willing to relocate will be considered. No outsourcing or freelance positions for this job will be considered. Thanks for asking! In addition to your cover letter, resume and salary requirements please complete the following simple assignment. Failure to include everything, including the assignment will cause your application to not be considered. (no hard feelings, but we need to make sure you really want the job... ok?) Also, just a heads up that if we do decide to interview you we'll expect you to show up with some examples of circuit-based projects you've done in the past... gotcha? Electrical Engineer Prototype Wizard Assignment Please submit a list of at least six previous electronics projects you have created in the past. For each one include the following information: - Name of project - Photo of project or video link if available - What does this item do? - What is the most notable aspect of this item? - What technology was used to create this item? - Specifically what did YOU personally create on this item? This assignment can be part of your resume or cover letter. You can do it as plain text, PDF, or HTML. Photos can be embedded or links. We're not picky, just get it in there where we can see it. Please note that this assignment is at-will and we will not provide any monetary or other compensation to you for completing it. CLICK HERE TO APPLY FOR THIS JOB

Postedby TyBot6 years ago

Connecting PSU (pc) to amp with lighted switch resulting in failure. Is common ground problem? Answered

Using a desktop psu to power a speaker amp. Have tested and it works fine. I wanted to add a lighted switch. The plan was to attach it to the green-to-ground short that turns on the psu, then attach the "everything's ok" grey wire with it's +5Vdc. This doesn't work, not sure why but it doesn't output the 5 volts I expected. I tested the light with the "standby" purple wire, this proved the light worked at 5 volts and that it was functional. I didn't want the light just 'always on' since there's no point in having it lit then. I tried attaching various 5V red wires and grounds but found that in all combinations the amp's power indicator light and the switch's light would each dim then quickly relight then dim.....repeatedly. I can only assume the light is not using a sufficient amount of power and may be causing a short. Since all black wires and the case are common ground I believe there is no solution to attaching the switch to the psu directly while also lighting it. The switch is the 3-pronged variety with power  |  load (light)  |  ground The amp requires a ground, 12 Vdc, and a remote which is actually 12 Vdc also (I have just shorted them and turn the power supply on/off instead as I'm not sure if the amp draws much power when the remote is off/disconnected.

Askedby Andale_The_Great6 years ago

Is it ok to put 2 subwoofers in a single sealed enclosure? Answered

Is it ok to put 2 subwoofers (wired in series) in a single sealed enclosure or should they be seperated? My worry is that the single sealed enclosure may cause too much pressure rather than adding more pop to the sound.

Askedby Andale_The_Great6 years ago

What's Your Favorite Lady Gaga Song?

What's your favorite song written by Lady Gaga? Please tell me.

Postedby lil larry6 years ago

Is a sealed environment always better for speaker enclosures?

Specifically when dealing with smaller, less powerful speaker. I am aware that certain sub woofers require venting, but I don't know how important sealed boxes are for midrange and tweeter.

Askedby Andale_The_Great6 years ago

any electrical use for the protective skin barriers packets that come with the TENS or NMES device pads? ? Answered

I have been moving them around for a couple of years and really need to get organized and need space, even the container these are in,if there is no use for them i will toss,

Askedby escapefromyonkers6 years ago

How is it I keep locking my mouse pad up on my Presario CQ56? Answered

Its happened to me 3 times and I have to shut the computer down to get it back.  Of course I did not get a book with it  because it was a display model and it was CHEAP!  Is there a key I'm hitting? Thanks

Askedby onrust6 years ago


What new games are good

Postedby ortiz12346 years ago

How can I make CHEAP homemade reuseable hard clay for mold making?

Looking to make fiber glass parts for my car. I want to stick something to the body and mold it. Then cover it with sr-an-rap and cover with fiber glass.

Askedby BriZZell6 years ago

Page redirecting problem?

Hey, I'm wondering if anyone else is having this problem.  I use Firefox 3.6.16 at work, and since last Friday have been getting this message on the main index page: The page isn't redirecting properly Firefox has detected that the server is redirecting the request for this address in a way that will never complete.   *   This problem can sometimes be caused by disabling or refusing to accept           cookies. I have all cookies enabled.  I've disabled them, refreshed, logged out, rebooted, and reeneabled in so many combination's that my head now hurts and my computer is dizzy.  I had another tab open to an 'ible, and am able to browse through various forums that way (thus I'm able to post this), but whenever I go to the main index page I get this error.  I tried using Internet Explorer (shudder), but it just gives the ever-helpful "can't connect" standard IE error message.  I haven't tried using FF4 yet (I have that running at home). 

Postedby RabidAlien6 years ago

Help making a basic circuit involving an analog VU meter.

I am trying to build a contraption involving an analog VU meter a microphone and a power source so i can measure noise levels around me and put it into a sweet steam punk arm contraption I have plans for. I would like the design to be a microphone added into a VU meter and then the power source to power it up but I have no idea what components i need. I can build stuff to a circuit plan but have no experience in designing a proper circuit.

Askedby jdpepper6 years ago

Capacitor bank for Coilgun help please!

I havetwo 680 uF capacitors, rated for 200 volts.. And I want to use a disposable camera charger to charge them both. The camera charger stops at 300 something volts, and when I wire them up in series, I get 400 volts, right?.. I want to charge them and discharge them into a coil of wire to launch a projectile at a fair velocity. , I can work with up to 10k wraps of wire, and i have only two capacitors and a major one.. First 2: 680 uF 200v 680 uF 200v Major one: 180 uF 400v Now I imagine I'd get more joules with the two smaller ones than the big one because of the microfarads, right? These specific type of capacitors are made from Elite, and are electrolytic I think, and I got the major one from a computer CRT monitor, and the two smaller ones from a computer power supply.... I also have a 3.3uF 50v capacitor. Now the question is: Can someone help me add these together to increase maximum joule output? I want to hook up the two 680 uF 200v capacitors in series to get a maximum voltage of 400. Then I want to add the major capacitor, which is 180 uF in parallel with the two other capacitors to increase microfarads, in this case, it'd be: 680 680   + -------=680 (because they are in series) ------- + 180  =860 I want two capacitors in series, and the major in parallel, increasing voltage to 400 volts, and the major capacitor doing nothing but adding capacitance (IF possible) Sorry, this is alot to ask for you guys to answer, If none of the above can work, What would work better, the two 680 uF's in series, or one big 180 uF 400 volt capacitor? I apologize if I cannnot explain my question properly.... it's very hard to understand capitance and series/parallel blah blah mumbo jumbo. Thank you.

Postedby Justdoofus6 years ago

Five days of Knex Giveaways on Facebook

Hey dudes and dudettes,We're giving away an awesome Knex kit every day this week on Facebook. If you're not already following us on Facebook, now's the time. - LauraEditor,

Postedby zazenergy6 years ago

Cheap sites?

Could someone put together a guide or something to cheap sites. so that it would be easier for people to find what they want and dont need to spend so much time on google. if u know a some good ones that is

Askedby Qsam6 years ago

Need pre wired high power leds

I am in need of a pre wired High Power Led board. Something like a Cree XR-E Q2 Emitter. I would like to find a supplier that I could buy pre built/ wired boards (plug and play) to install in a small lighting package. Ideally I would like to find a pre built light that I could incorporate into my project. I need a high output 12v white light, that I can make a reverse light out of. I am hoping to market the product so a supplier over a retail option would be best. Any help you could give would be greatly appreciated Thanks in advance  

Postedby returnforservice6 years ago

Washing machine motor wiring? Answered

I just found a washing machine on the road. when i dismantled it. there was only the motor no capacitor found.  on the motor there is no description or labels. there is 3 wires out of it. i want to run this motor at full speed whichever direction it rotates. just want it to run at maximum speed.  the simplest way is the better. Wires on it Blue WIre Red Wire Yellow wire i have the capacitor that i got from another motor. just need to know how to wire it.  connect it to the mains run at maximum power without burning it. the motor is brushless.

Askedby ARJOON6 years ago

The AWESOME Button

Matt Richardson over at Make made an awesome button from the Staples Easy Button. When pushed, the reprogrammed button randomly selects a synonym to the word 'awesome', perfect for thinking of new (awesome?) words to include in a description when writing. As an added bonus, Instructables' own Scoochmaroo is (sorta) referenced briefly @0:20 Check out the video and make one yourself: via: MakeMagazine YouTube Chanel

Postedby mikeasaurus6 years ago

What it this component and how do I use it? Answered

Hello, smart people! I hope you can help me. I found this component inside a computer PSU. On the buttom it says "305-32114-220 rev:2 0449" but I haven't been able to find any information from that. It looks like a coil, or transformer. And it has a capacitor on top. But it only has two wires, so what is it? And what is it used for? Thanks in advance.

Askedby toelle6 years ago

403 error

I note that after your crash I now have a 403 error request forbidden by Admin rules on ALL my instructables. I am unable to see any strange script in the instructables and it didn't do it before. Error!!

Postedby rickharris6 years ago

Using Sound from Phonecalls as Trigger for Computer Game

Hello people Can anyone help me with an idea please? I am wondering if it would be possible to use live audio from phone calls to trigger actions in a basic computer game. I know that I can use sound input to trigger actions in Flash for example, but I do not know how to route audio from a phone call into the computer in the first place. Does this sound doable? If so, how could I achieve this? Thanks in advance... Daniel

Postedby playlab6 years ago

Anyone having trouble opening the instructables home page?

Other pages on the site seem to work, but even clicking the Robot in the upper left corner gives me:  "Firefox has detected that the server is redirecting the request for this address in a way that will never complete"?

Askedby roccopeterbilt6 years ago

Robotic pet (low budget)? Answered

Hiyas I am longing loads for pet of my own since my bunny died. but i am not allowed another pet. does anybody have any ideas of how to make a *loving* pet????       thanks p.s this is my first ever comment on instructables!!!!! pp.s needs to be low budget (eg. under $100)

Askedby juicymoose6 years ago

Multimeter inductance meter? Answered

I am building a Tesla coil with a fairly poor primary coil. The primary coil is a conical 12.5mH (theoretically) but when I measured it with my multimeter the inductance kept jumping and was only doing so within the range of .05mH - 2mH why is this can it not measure conical coils?

Askedby The MadScientist6 years ago

Cordless electric drill motor.? Answered

I have been experimenting with an old motor from a cordless drill no markings on it - Any one have any power information for these motors - they seem to produce a LOT of torque for such a small motor.? I find I can lift 4 Kg fairly easily - I guess I could do it the old way and measure and calculate HP.

Askedby rickharris6 years ago

What silicone mix could be used to make a cake mold?

Hi...I'm interested in making a bit of a 3-d cake....for which i would need a to make a mold. I'm think of just using your basic home 'playdough' mix to create the shape....then creat a no part mold around that to bake a cake....which presumably could be used for lots of other things like soap and candles etc. What type of silicone would be best to use? Seeing as it would have to withstand the baking process.

Askedby Mavican6 years ago

Temporary Log Off?

Hello, It seems that every time I try to view this (and ONLY this) instructable, my account is temporarily logged off, leaving me unable to comment, rate, or even favorite the post. (and it's a great share too, just what I was looking for!) I've notified the author of this as well, who also seems to be having trouble with their image tags. Could anybody please look into this? I'd hate for such a useful post to die in obscurity. Thank you... -rhoddity [link]

Postedby rhoddity6 years ago

how does one eat ., cook ., sugar cane.? Answered

Ssaw sugar cane for sale in the grocery store  on the weekend  how does one ues it recipes for example thanks

Askedby belfast6 years ago

windows movie maker trouble? Answered

I made some movies but it wont let me post them on instructables any suggestions

Askedby knexinventer6 years ago

Doe anyone know how to make a custom waffle iron?

 I am just trying to make the metal plate/die I want to make a Imagawayaki mold here are some japanese imagawayaki makers in the future i want to make a taiyaki mold.

Askedby undftdking6 years ago

Eagle design question? Answered

Hey- im trying to design a single sided ,mostly smt board in EagleCAD, but I am having some trouble. I want to make the program to alooow bottom side jumpers, but have them always terminate on the top layer (so pretty much jumpers underneath the board). I have some pads or header pins pointing down, but the wires usually connect to those because pads are on both layers.. any way to fix this?  I really would not like to manually route every trace myself.. Thanks!

Askedby astroboy9076 years ago

Does anyone know what could cause an Xbox 360 not to read any of the games disc and how it could be fixed?

My Xbox 360 is having problems reading any games  that are put in. Every time a disc is in, it doesn't show the game's picture and says "Open Tray". Does anyone have an idea as to what could cause this and is there a way to fix this myself? Please help.

Askedby BucketBasher6 years ago

Is this gonna be big enough for an electric bike?

I have a complete, motor/wiring harness/controller/charger  out of a wrecked Spirit Scooter it has bad batteries but the motor runs.  I would like a 20/30 mile ride between charges 50 would be even better. The motor is 24v   250w  14a  How much of a battery system will it take to get the numbers I want or is it feasible?   I have a second one that is in great condition that just needs batteries. I don't want to molest it just yet.

Askedby Charley Davidson6 years ago

What strong material could i use for making fan blades?

i'm trying to make this fan that is powered by a drill. the only problem is... i don't know what to use for the blades. i thought about using strips of plastic from a bottle, but i accidentally made something else ( which is still cool. i made an instructable of it, you guys should check it out!)  would the plastic be good, or should i use something else?

Askedby ducktape.mac6 years ago

What are Michigan laws regarding Tobacco products

Hey Everyone, I'm from Northern Michigan and Ive really been putting some thought into starting a small head shop (tobacco smoking pipe shop) and I am having a hard time finding laws or restrictions to commercially market this type of product. I'm pretty sure there is laws and regulations to abide by. If you have any web sites that can help me out or know any ways of obtaining this type of information, please help me out. Thank you all for your help :)

Askedby JrJr8286 years ago

Making solar powered garden led light with use of a solar panel?

I have a pergola at my main entrance and I want to hook up solar lighting to light up the path. I was thinking to get 6 solar garden lights and take them apart and place the solar cell on the top of each pillar, run the wires down the outside of the post and drill the post laterally and bring the wires in from behind to the actual pathway. From there hook up the LED light that was originally IN the garden light. My question is...Is there any way I can get just ONE solar panel and operate all six LEDs off of that one panel? I am assuming I can go with one panel, solder a photocell (12v) inline and lead it to a battery holder of eight AA batteries. From there it goes to an Automotive grade 12v dome light, similar to a Festoon Bulb. These come in various colors. My only question is....What wattage should I get the solar panel? Could I get the solar panel with a built in photocell similar to what garden lights operate with?

Askedby Pyper706 years ago

Solar Generator Kit

We're now offering solar panel kits - 45 watt, 65 watt, and 85 watt - when combined with a battery pack makes a great solar generator for emergencies or for fun. Solar Pax generators are the 'bigger brother' of the Qwik-Solar.   Solar Pax has very minimum assembly - and everything is already wired with quick connects.  Use to charge any battery pack with a 12 volt outlet.  We make these kits in Ohio. We set up a 'Mini-Catalog' on our website to make ordering easy. And we put together a page on our other site "Lamp Light from Sunlight" you might enjoy - it shows a 'Solar Pax' from 1954.   Update:  We've changed some domain around to better reflect our solar generator line up - the 'lamp light from sunlight' link above is active again.

Postedby Jonlo6 years ago

What is the best way to tile on a wood surface?

I have an older home with a built in wood linen cabinet in the hallway.  It has 2 doors on top and 2 doors on bottom for linens but the middle section is open.  Usually used to just set decorations on it.  It is painted white which continues to get scraped up.  It needs to have something done and I thought tile is the best.  I will only be putting decorations on it.  It is wood on all four sides with a small lip extending about an inch on the front of it.  Seems like I could tile it on all four sides much like a back-splash on a kitchen counter.  How could I do this so it looks great?  This will be my first tile job.

Askedby angieray6 years ago

How can I bend a steel wire without a heat source?

I need to bend a steel wire that's about a little less than a half of a centimeter thick. The bend needs to be very clean, and I don't have a heat source. How can I do it?

Askedby Cowburger436 years ago