Show Me Your Christmas Snow

I thought it would be fun to see everyone's pictures of their white Christmas.  We have been in a drought so the snow is very much welcomed.  It only snows a few inches a year here and usually melts the next day.  I think this snow is going to stick around for a couple of days.  If you don't have snow pictures to share, post a picture of Christmas lights or a video. I found this link with thousands of lights. .Keep warm and have a splendorous day!  Sunshiine

Postedby sunshiine6 years ago

Floppy disk identifying help!?

Well I bought a floppy disk called 3D TETRIS a week ago and I cannot find anything on the internet that talks about it. If anyone knows anything about it can they tell me. Thank you.

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Askedby TTANGO6 years ago

Seeking initial points for designing and building a small dome-based greenhouse

I will document (stepwise, standardized, pictorially) what I do in terms of decisions, materials, tools, etc. Any kick-in-the-butt info is greatly appreciated. [Note: this and my orgone-based cloudbuster designs are my winter projects for spring implementations.] best wishes!

Askedby frankfenderbender6 years ago

Does anyone know how to connect Solenoids to a Arduino? Answered

Hi All, I'm working on a project and I was wondering if any of you could help me hook up a solenoid to an arduino so that I can control it using a button? The solenoid I'm working with is 24v dc with 6 watts Thanks  Aman 

Askedby amantux6 years ago

What type of mixer should i use (diffirent type input)? Answered

Hello . I want to make a op-amp mixer with 2 inputs. Input 1 : mono signal from mp3 player. Input 2 : mono signal from overdrive pedal. (please see the image bellow ) I have op-amp : tl072 and ne5532 and i need the pedal use single power supply. and the schematic of the pedal i use is show bellow. thanks for advance ! p/s: sorry for my bad english.

Askedby login7216 years ago

Arduino battery 9.6V 650mAh. Help?

I have alot of rc plane Ni-MH recharagables that I dont have a use for since my reciver blew up. Can I run my arduino deumonlative on these batterys they are 9.6V and 650mAh. Also I wold like to know how many mA can I draw from the arduinos 5V supply. Thanks for any help, David.

Askedby David976 years ago

Automatic water pump?

Hello, I was wondering how I would make an automatic pump, that pumps OUT water, just something like, checks to see if water level is too high then starts pump, something simple and effective. Anyone have an idea?

Askedby rub3n6 years ago

Power amp clipping problem?

I recently bought a Pyramid PTA150 1500 watt power amp, and its clipping led's always seem to be lit when my mixer is set to half volume or higher, even when the amp is unplugged. Could they be powered from the input voltage when it is high enough? Is it bad to push my amp when they are lit? and it has a high volume cooling fan so I dont think it will overheat when pushed.?

Askedby macwhiz6 years ago

Which gun is better?

What one is better to buy with my Christmas money?? I want a pistol that is over 400fps and gas powered. I ALSO WANT IT TO NOT BREAK EASILY. It should last a while.

Askedby Football viking boy6 years ago

Nook simple reader not displaying .epub files from itunes

Hello, I got a nook Simple reader and I am putting .epub files from itunes into my nook's "books" folder in the files. When opening the files, it will go to the first page, then when trying to go to the next, it just hangs at the first page. pretty much the book is unreadable.

Askedby 9mvp96 years ago

what is the cheapest way to make a AA joule thief HV?

After trail and error i have made a joule thief with the following: 2n3409 transistor, 1k ohm resistor, led, and an air coil. what would i need in order to boost the power up to say 100v or more? the cheaper the parts the better, at least for now. I've read some what about micro controllers and using 2 555 times, but i am unable to use anything that requires a computer. everything needs to be simple enough to be used via a bread board. I am desiring high enough frequencies and voltage to jump a small spark gap. i am aware the spark is waste, but that is the point.

Askedby freenergyfuture6 years ago

measuring petrol/ethonol accurately

G'day All, If this has been done before, I apologise, but I have not found anything when I have searched. I am a team manager for a team of students who need to design, construct a three wheeled vehicle. The test is a 24 hour "trial" (more like a race ;-) ) We have been competing in a category for "Hybrid Vehicles" which an additional power source to asssist the rider.  In our case it is a 50cc engine using a friction drive arrangement so we can disengage it if required or if we desire.  The reason for this is that we only recieve 3 litres of petrol for the event............  This is my problem.  I have not been able to measure petrol in the tank accurately enough.  Over the last two years I have had one litre left or ran out after 21 hours.    I have been thinking of using a strain gauge or load cell to measure the weight of the tank.  I'm thinking it could be as simple as powering up the load cell with the appropriate voltage, and measuring voltage drop across it, maybe with an added resistor. Or it could be made more complex by using a circuit to drive a number of LED's giving an indication of the fuel in the tank. If anyone outhere has any ideas to do this simply and reliably, I would love to hear from you.  If it is more complex then so be it. Here is a link to the event to give you an idea of what it is about

Postedby coln726 years ago

Xbox 360 Headset can it work with Windows based PC?

Just wondering if Santa were to get this Xbox 360 Headset if it could also be used on the PC?

Askedby MNkat556 years ago

Patches for contests?

It used to be that patches were issued for entering or winning weekly contests, and that was a nice thing. I like looking at someone's profile and seeing the patches they've received. Other than the Chopsticks challenge, though, I haven't seen that appear on any of my entries. Also, it would be great if there were some indication (banner?) on winners of weekly challenges. Is that possible? I realize you guys are really busy, but these would be nice.

Postedby susanrm6 years ago

Help semi auto Knex gun!!!

Can someone help me to make a semi auto Knex gun that shoots pieces mine just needs a mag. The more popular person to volunteer to help will be accepted.

Postedby Megatezzz6 years ago

Wanted: 1.5V Audio amplifier chip

Does anyone know an audio amplifer chip like the LM386 that runs on 1.5V? I'd like to amplify the output of the "Transistor Radio" Kit from Franzis. Thanks ! Mischka

Postedby mischka6 years ago

Possible to pay for one month?

When I tried to sign up for one month, the amount listed is for one year. I would like to try a month first seeing as I'm only interested in one project. Thank you in advance and merry Christmas! Tobias

Postedby MangoCH6 years ago

lost password and linked email

Is there some way to recover a password to an account other than through email. my old email got hacked and now im locked out of it.

Postedby RedDeadFred6 years ago

What can I put on gummy candy to make it not sticky when cooled?

So I made gummy candy using one of the methods i saw here. I melted gummy bears then cooled them. Buuut the problem is my candy when cooled were all sticky and stuff. How can I make them not sticky?

Askedby obesemidget6 years ago

How does the electronic piano work ?

Hi everyone ..  I have done this circuit last week with my friends  but I still couldn't understand the concept of how it's work I just need a few and simple line to get it  because when I read some data sheet about it I got confused >_ please help me  this is the circuit what I've used

Askedby CSE2516 years ago

UK 240 volt to US 120 volt step down converter.

Hi Folks. I was chosen as an alternative winner for the camera & photo skills challenge & received my printer a few days ago. My problem is that the printer I received is a US specification one meaning it is set up for 120v & in the UK we use 240v; I have been trying to find a 240v to 120v step down converter for it but so far have had no luck as I need one with a functioning earth & the only ones I have found are not suitable as most of them do not have a proper earth pin available, the few that do have an earth are far beyond my current available budget. I have tried EBay to no avail likewise Maplin, eBuyer & PC World; does anyone know somewhere in the UK that I can purchase a suitable one that does not cost the earth? (Pardon the pun) Thanks in advance for your help folks. Seasons Greetings to you all. Nostalgic Guy.

Postedby Nostalgic Guy6 years ago

How To do Invisible ink?

I want to hide my notes,records on the paper.I don't want to use ink.I want to write with invisible I want to know how to do invisible ink?

Askedby myo win thant6 years ago

How to make a heating element? Answered

I need to make an ajustable heater element. Here are the outlines/ Specs for this. Power 120v from wall Heat range needs to be between 70F to about 300F Heater will be attached to a 1in dia pipe and will be melting plastic. I have no clue how to go about doing this. I need some help with what components I need to buy, how to hook them up and what type of wire is the best for the element itself.

Askedby TWMCNANEY6 years ago

How to make a tube amp? Answered

Hello I'm looking for a simple tube amp schematic. I have the following tubes for use: 6zh1p-e (5pcs) 6f1p 6n2p (2pcs) 6n 14p 6p15p 6f3p ecc85 (2 pcs) I'm looking for a good schematic and as powerfull as it can be

Askedby theVader756 years ago

How accurate do VGA timing signals have to be?

I'm looking to try to drive a VGA monitor using a PIC 16F690, on a 12MHz clock (3,000,000 operations per second) The most accurate the signal from the PIC can be is 1/3 uS, but the timings given are to 1/100 uS for the 640 X 480 @ 60Hz standard. Overall, each frame does come out to a whole number of cycles, so does the exact duration of each line matter? I've seen a PIC output very basic graphics on a 4MHz clock, so I would expect it to be fairly simple to just light up the display on 12MHz. Alternatively, is the display smart enough to fit whatever is fed into it onto the screen? Thanks for the help.

Askedby The Skinnerz6 years ago

motorized flip up license plate

    I have started to try and create a motorized flip up license plate. It's mainly for my motorcycle.  In the "off" position the license plate is down and readable. Turn the switch to "on" and it flips up, making the plate unreadable. I thought about using a servo or a motor with limit switches. I do not really know how to wire something up to control the servo or motor.  Any help would be great. I know they sell these as kits, but they start off at teh $150 dollar range. Thanks in advance!

Postedby thirdGEARchirp6 years ago

12 volt relay help please?

I just purchased a set of electric running boards for my truck. i have to make my own wiring harness. the problem i have is, i need to wire a relay to each running board. i need the relay to power the motor down when the door is opened  and is triggered by the door ajar switch which isnt to hard to do. the hard part is to have the relay reverse polarity so that the motor retracts the running boards when the door is shut and  the signal is lost from the ajar switch

Askedby Gearslamer6 years ago

Beagle Bone vs. Beagle Board? Answered

Ok so the Beagle Board can run Windows Compact, and Linux and stuff right? Well I've been looking up descriptions for the Beagle Bone, and I'm not sure if it can do the same thing. I want to make a wrist-computer thing, but the Beagle Board is to big and a bit on the expensive side. The Beagle Bone would be an ideal replacement, but I'm not sure if I have the same capabilities as I do the Beagle Board. Can someone tell me if the Beagle Bone can run Windows Compact or a small OS like Linux?

Askedby Adum246 years ago

Is it possible to replace a 40Mhz crystal with a 49.860Mhz?

I bought a RC submarine that was running at 40Mhz. Submarine broke, seller shipped a replacement, but replacement could not be remotely controlled by original remote. In fact, while looking under the submarine, there was a sticker written "49Mhz - 3". I guess it is referring to Channel 3 - 49.860Mhz.  So could I buy a 49.860 crystal, remove the 40Mhz crystal from remote controller, and get my submarine to run again? Is there anything else to consider???

Askedby donstereo6 years ago

MiniSeries Youtube ideas?

I want to make a miniseries type thing on youtube. It would be like the series on TV but on youtube. They will be 5-7 mintues long or maybe even longer. The problem is i don't have any ideas on what it should be. If you have an idea please tell [:

Askedby ThatGirlNamedL3xi36 years ago

How could I build this in a cost effective method?

Hello, I recently went to a Camera supply store and fell in love with this amazing light.. Its a Fotodiox LED 1000 ASV, you can google it or look on to get a better idea of what I'm trying to accomplish I would like to make one.. so far I have this is mind.. I can buy a lot of about 1000 LED's for really cheap.. Mirror plexiglass maybe about a 12inx12in to mount all the LEDs and a potentiometer to dim. I would like to run on 12 volt simply because it gives it more power options for my needs, the one thing I'm kind of confused on is, Am I really gonna have to wire 1000 Resistors to make each LED 12v? Or is there a simpler method.. Also, power supply is an issue, I am not sure if I can just wire all the LEDs down to two wire for a regular 110-220V Input, 12v Output adapter.. Do I need an LED driver of some sort? Especially If I want to be able to dim. Building the Housing and stand shouldnt be an issue, Its more the electrical part where I am concerning myself with. I'm pretty mechanically inclined, I do automotive 12v as a profession and hobby, I'm just recently getting into "higher voltage"=D "I'M READY TO STICK A FORK IN A SOCKET!!" lol, can anybody give me any tips? details? or even how they would go about doing this? Any advice is better then no advice.. and any direction is better then starting lost, Thanks in advance! I Will start making an instructable soon once I get my supplies in (LED's, Mirror Plexi) Considering that where I have to start.

Askedby maparicio20106 years ago

how do i make stickers stay on Samsonite?

I recently bought some Samsonite suitcases and am looking to make them a little more "visible" on the carousel in baggage claim. i was recently in the USA and bought "bumper stickers" from various places (for various prices) and only one of five remain. so the question is A. How do i make Stickers stay stuck on Samsonite? OR B. What type of sticker (decal, window sticker, other) would be best to stay on the suitcase Long Term?

Askedby furby6 years ago

Remote Controlled LED Bank?

Can someone explain what I need or direct me toward an appropriate Instructable for this?I want to make an IR remote controlled RGB LED light strip bank. I want it to switch between two colors, when I press a respective button for each. Or would making this radio controlled be easier? I don't want to buy one of those strips that has a remote control, I want to make it myself, and only have it change between 2 colors. What components do I need to make this, and how difficult would it be? Some instruction or diagrams would be really helpful. Thanks!

Askedby iwillspy136 years ago

Automatic Potentiometer

Hi!  i need and automatic potentiometer it has to works max 5v i thouhgt about that and i can make it manually but it's to big and to weird  i want to ask you a form to make  it whit electronic components or a component ho can makes it i want to make a motor acelerates and desacelerates whith a soft curve and if its posible put the time of the cycle (example 40 seconds acelerat.... and .. desaceler...."cycle" or similar) Thanks Sorry for my bad english! Thanks! 

Postedby labalavermella6 years ago

Making AC power cable to LED for lamp...

Hello I just recently came across this site and just from browsing a short while i can see this is the place i need to be. I currently have a desk lamp design im in the process of making. Yet i need a light source. I know you can go buy a normal light fixture power cable with socket attached. but i need LEDS. im working with an area about the size of an altoid case that fits inside of a slotted wood piece. I need to find a cheap way to make this. I have seen many led tutorials but have not found anything yet on wiring for plug in ac power source and connecting it to LEDS. Im not sure if there are different resistors or any extra needed pieces that i am unaware of. my skills are fairly basic with leds, yet  i can easily follow good directions and adhere to what is needed. Any help would be great. Thank You

Postedby RickyNY6 years ago

Its been more then one day

I entered my rice paper lamp instruct-able two days ago and it was received but not accepted yet. I'm sure it meets the requirements. Can anyone help?

Postedby dreadyjazz6 years ago

Can u take a GF to a beachside kiosk for a date??? Answered

Can u take a 13 year old GF to a beachside kiosk for a date???

Askedby Instructable046 years ago

Is there a cheap way to reduce noise from workshop ? Answered

Hi all, I was wondering what the cheapest way is to reduce the noise coming from my workshop, which is basically a tin shed. Im using it as a small forge and appreciate that the sound of hammer on anvil is not blockable (think thats a word) but i also use a belt sander, power tools etc, so would like to try and minimise the noise heard outside. Any ideas ?

Askedby Squibo6 years ago

Report Bugs! Get Free Pro Memberships!

Sadly we at instructables aren't always perfect, and when we aren't this results in bugs on our site. These bugs annoy us more than anything, and we want to work diligently in squashing them as soon as we can. To encourage this, we are offering free pro-memberships to those who submit good bug reports that allow us to fix things.How to Submit a Good Bug Report?1. First off be descriptive, what did you do to get the bug? Can you reproduce it? What were you doing before the bug? Being very descriptive is key to allowing us to find the problem. Bugs that we can't consistently reproduce will take much longer to get fixed.2. Include computer specs. What is your Operating System and Browser? what version is your browser?3. Pictures! Pictures! Pictures! Take screen shots of the issue, before and after if you can.Exploiting the bug will disqualify you. We encourage white-hattery around here. Any knowledgeable exploitation will not be rewarded.Good Luck, continue to post bugs to the forums and from this point forward we will be keeping our eyes peeled for good bug reports!

Postedby frenzy6 years ago

How do I get my free Sugru

I joined for 2 years so I could get the free SUGRU and have not received instructions on how to redeem it!!!!  Help!!

Postedby Johnny2guns6 years ago

need help with 12 volt relays?

I just purchased a set of running boards off of a 2011 f150. they are electronic and i need to wire them up to a set of relays. what i am trying to do is to make it so that when the door is open it triggers the relay and powers the motors causing the running boards to open up, easy enough. but the problem i am running into is that when the door is closed and the door ajar switch is no longer sending a signal, i need the relay to then reverse the polarity so that the motor will then spin the opposite direction causing the running boards to fold back up. the motors on the running boards do have built in stops so i dont have to worry about leaving power to them. i am also finding out if the door ajar switch on my 2004 chevy silverado uses a positve trigger or a ground trigger. any help i can get would be much appriciated. thanks

Askedby Gearslamer6 years ago

How to root woody viburnum.

I have a favorite viburnum that I'd like to root. I've used rooting powder and loose soil but I haven't succeded. Can this plant be rooted from a cutting?Thanks,Tim?

Askedby x7c006 years ago

Will this capacitive discharge welder design work?

I am planning to build a capacitve discharge welder so that I can tab weld my battery packs, and I have no intention of paying 2K plus.  I recently came across a fairly simple design, and was using it to design my own.  If anyone that has built one of these, or knows how to, can look at this design in detail, and inform me if I have the right componants, and in the right order, it would be greatly appreciated  *** Please, I know the dangers and risks to what I plan on building so please do not express your concerns here.  Everything has risks, but without risks their can be no reward.*** UPDATE I added a new diagrahm with the opto-iso and relay that you two recommended, not sure if its right yet, but its a work in progress

Askedby supramp6 years ago