Maker as business

I have a question that has been bugging me.  is it unethical to open a business that caters to makers? I have a million and one hobbies and some of them run along with my work studies and i was just wondering if its been done to just open up a shop where people can get together to build projects together, or to sell items that are made as a business. it would seem to be a good idea from my perspective and seems to help all.   

Postedby mookiejones6 years ago

Which rotary tool?

I recently got some money from the government for my good grades (YAY!) So now I can get myself a nice rotary tool. BUT I can't seem to make a decision! I have 2 brands in my sights Dremel (No specific model/kit in mind yet) Gyros ( And if it isn't a POS Northern Industrial ( I am leaning more towards Gyros as their attachments seem pretty good. Its also significantly cheaper than Dremel. Please give honest feedback. Thanks!

Postedby micraman6 years ago

How can I measure the high stall current of these motors without melting my ammeter?

I would like to measure the current of a couple 24VDC motors that I own.  I have always measured stall current on my model trains by connecting my ammeter in series with the motor, forcing it to stall, and supplying what ever voltage I expected to be operating the motors at.  I think if I do that with these other motors and a couple car batteries, I will very quickly fry my meter... I am expecting two- to three-hundred amps..  Someone help, please?  you lurking out there somewhere, Kip :P?

Askedby DieCastoms6 years ago

Did I choose the right relay? Answered

I am building a circuit in which a photoresistor triggers a relay which then powers a motor. The motor runs on a max of .75 amps and uses 4.5 VDC, while the photoresistor side must use a max of a few milliamps and can use anywhere from 1.5-6 VDC. This is the relay I am thinking of: . I am pretty sure it's the right one, but I wanted to make sure. Is this the right relay for my purposes, and if not, what's wrong with it?

Askedby seraine6 years ago

View all steps without paying for instructibles pro

If you right click the view all steps on one page and click open in new tab, it circumvents buying pro and you can see all the steps without paying. I use Mozilla Firefox 9.1 and my computer is running Windows 7 Home Premium 64 bit. I have 4.5 Gigs of ram and a 2.6 GHz processor.

Postedby Galahir9506 years ago

MS Agent Voice Recognition ...not TTS

I can't seem to locate any code snippets for the MS Agent Voice Recognition control. I understand It's not really supposrted any longer but I recall the voice recognition was incredibly accurate; especially for its time. The text-to-speech wasn't much impressive, but I'd really like to see some code for the VR; just to jog my memory as to what needs to be done. I remember it being relatively simple to create your own database or data file of words [or hard code it]. I have VB6 loaded with everything ready to go [tts AND vr], just don't remember how to initiate the "listening" and interface with the input. I have the current MSNET IDE, but not sure if those old controls are compatible. If I have to switch over though, it's no biggie. Any help is appreciated. I have an excellent ible idea I'd like to see come to life.

Postedby Sovereignty6 years ago

Programming the attiny with arduino

I have been trying to program an attiny chip based on the instructions on the MIT high low tech thing. the problem is, when I download the core files for the attiny 45 and 85, I can never get them to load onto the IDE. I put them in the folder that the preference menu says my sketchbook is in (which would be documents), but whenever I restart the IDE, the core files do not load. I have tried saving the file in different folders, but nothing works. What could be the problem, and how could I fix it? Thank you.

Askedby Higgs Boson6 years ago

Homemade wax paper wrappings? Answered

Hello everyone! This is the first time I've used this feature on Instructables, so here goes. :) I'm trying to recreate vintage sweet wrappers for a friend who will use them in a film he's making for uni, and I wondered if I could somehow impregnate the wrappers in wax to make them "chocolate proof" so I could let a friend re-live times from long ago. :) I'd be using standard printer paper and inkjet ink, would this survive the waxing? Also how would I coat the paper in a layer of wax thin enough not to crack when the package is assembled? I was also planning on heat sealing the edges wsing a warmed metal tooling to first fold the paper into a tube, then crimp the edges. Thanks for any help :) (Sorry if this is in the wrong section, as its technically a wax and paper mess-afound i think it's closer to Art than anything else. :) )

Askedby Llamarama6 years ago

Pro membership question? Answered

Hi. I currently have pro mambership but it will run out in July. Someone else is going to be buying me a pro membership in a couple of days. Will the one he is buying me automatically take over or do I have to activate it manually when my current one runs out. Also does my autorenew setting have anything to do with it. If I have to activate it manually when mine runs out is there any way of making sure it is legit before I activate it. Any explanation would be apreciated. Thanks

Askedby nurdee16 years ago

Facebook logo appearing all over wall posts?!?

This is really weird, on Facebook, the Facebook logo is appearing in wall posts everywhere it says "some" or other random words.. Is this happening to anyone else??

Askedby josh13246 years ago

how to make spring assisted knive?

They are legal in canada

Askedby thewayshegoes6 years ago

Does anyone know of any digital camera software hacks that can reduce my shutter lag ? I have a Canon PowerShot A495.

Trying to find software hacks if any to reduce the shutter lag on my Canon A495 PowerShot

Askedby gday852086 years ago

Looking for Materials for Custom Sized IKEA Kassett Boxes (Desk Organization)

I used to have a 7" x 10.5" x 3" cardboard storage box to put miscellaneous items from Ikea but they no longer make that size. The box looks like: I have looked for alternative products but none were the same low price or the right size, other examples: For the materials, the cardboard is no issue, just have to find the right thickness (and maybe laminated) but there are things that I do not know where to find:  - The metallic label holder  - The metallic lining around the lid  - The short nut/bolts used for assembling it (will look at Home Depot)  - (optional) Metallic corner covers I was wondering if anyone made a similar box or would know where to get the material (or easier, buy it at less than $5 each...) Thanks!!

Postedby knightdaemon6 years ago

Basic outdoor fm antennae? Answered

I need to make a basic fm antennae for my reciever inside my mancave,  It's a steel shed converted and inside reception drives me crazy.  I do have basic poles and some wire types in my arsenal.  Someone PLEASE HELP.  I need my music to keep my sanity if you can relate.

Askedby gday852086 years ago

How do I get the oil off my flyback transformer? Answered

A while back, I decided to submerge my flyback in canola oil to stop it from ruining itself. As it turns out, submerging a flyback in canola oil is a very stupid idea. I want to clean all the oil off of it so I can do it right the next time, but I have no idea how to safely do that without damaging the flyback. Can anyone help me out?

Askedby Shagglepuff6 years ago

'Editing" embossed T-shirts?

I temp at conventions and get T shirts with stuff & logos on them. They're not silk screened, just a high quality surface that feels like latex. I would like to remove parts. How do I, selectively, remove the printed stuff?

Askedby unclejoe6 years ago

xbox 360 Question

I have a xbox 360 that used to work. My friend tried to fix  a 3 RROD on it. He said he tried many times to start the xbox up it would show a green light for a second, then turn off. I now tried starting it without the fans or heat sink, and the power brick light turns red. Can anybody help?

Askedby jbaker226 years ago

How to make a USB charger for my nokia mobile from LapTOP/PC....?

How to make a USB charger for my nokia mobile from LapTOP/PC....? I need clarifications in applying resistances...?

Askedby chinnuabhi6 years ago

How come this image appears all over my computer where there should be a photo?

How come this image appears all over my computer where there should be a photo? Online? Even on this website.

Askedby alpe_976 years ago

Rate my Brokenheart

Rate and comment please :)

Postedby kimoz976 years ago

Security concerns for a macbook? Answered

I'm concerned about the security of my macbook while I'm in a public network, even though I'm pretty sure I'm reasonably secure: Can someone just clarify this for me? If no one else can physically get a hold of my macbook, and I've got remote login, remote desktop, remote management, (etc) all turned off, is there still much of a chance that my data could be stolen and/or my macbook messed up? I still need access to the internet, and bluetooth at times, however... 

Askedby .Unknown.6 years ago

Where can I buy a one way mirror? Answered

I'm going to make an "infinity mirror" but i'm not sure where I can buy a one way mirror

Askedby popewill6 years ago

Dissolve Aluminum - Golden Book Chemistry

In the Golden Book of Chemistry, page 64, there're instructions for dissolving aluminum. The book states that HYDROGEN is released when aluminum strips are dissolved in hydrochloric acid and ALUMINUM CHLORIDE is formed. That's about all we get from the book concerning that particular experiment. Just wondering if this is correct, how to test it, what it should look like and what may we [the kids and myself] may do with it if it's actually aluminum chloride. It's a good book, but quite a bit of theory's lacking. Thanks all.

Postedby Sovereignty6 years ago

what is ACTA? (the virtual NEW WORLD ORDER)

I dunno, if i should post this/if it's allowed here/if it yet exists, but i think, if this "thing" works out, it'll probably affect this whole domain, its users, its idea. So, i recommend that all you out there watch the vid, think about - as it happens now, and subscribe the petition against that imperialist harassment. What is Acta? Petition:

Postedby Luziviech6 years ago

How to fix a speedometer? Answered

I recently have my power steering fluid emptied unnoticed. I got stuck in the middle of the road, when I re-started the engine, the speedometer didn't work anymore. I got the power steering fluid filled with new ones but it didn't fix the problem (speedometer). Now I only feel I'm the most hazardous driver on the road, driving without knowing what speed I'm going to. I don't know anything about cars, how do I do about it? Please help, I would highly appreciate any advise. thanks

Askedby smallboy736 years ago

how do i start a piaggio ciao?

I know nothing about this moped (or any moped), but I can't find any info for starting it.

Askedby ondahill6 years ago

GameBoy Advance overly saturated screen... How to fix? Answered

I got a GameBoy Advance a few years back, the Nintendo DS of last decade. It worked great for about a year and then (I think I may have dropped it) it started displaying the colors on the screen way too brightly! Nothing else was effected, but the screen looks as though it doesn't know what "dark" means. All of the games I try to play are way too lightly-colored, to the point that I can't see any details at all. As you can see, I try to play Frogger's Adventures: Temple of the Frog, but I can barely see where I'm going because the screen is too saturated. Oh, and another thing: After the screen started doing this, I dropped it once more, and it switched back to normal for a time, but then after 30 seconds, it flipped to the higher saturation again. This would lead me to thinking that something is broken inside... Is there anyone out there who knows of this problem, and perhaps, knows how to fix it? Thanks, Win Guy

Askedby Win Guy6 years ago

Crafts to make from dot matrix printer paper edges?

I used to have instructions on how to make Christmas ornaments from the edges torn from dot matrix printer paper.  I can't find them, anyone ever heard of these?

Askedby dadaraga6 years ago

Which Arduino is the Most Used by ibles Members ? Answered

I want to purchase an Arduino probably from Jameco Electronics close to me. There is some confusion on which revision R1, R2, R3 is the most compatible to this community.  Most of the Unos cost between $30 and $40 US. I use a PC with XP windows  later probably be getting a shield 8 pin.

Askedby iceng6 years ago

trouble downloading e-books

I am trying to download an e-book but don't understand how to accomplish this. I chose the "How To Make Cheese", hit the download button, it tells me what app I need for what device. I want to put it on my PC, already have Acrobat, now what??

Postedby FreeTibet6 years ago

Read a Joystick in Processing?

I am making a Bluetooth controlled spy robot. I need to be able to read the joystick to control the robot and the little analog stick to control the pan/tilt system. I am not that fluent in processing, so I don't know if there is a joystick command or do I have to use a library.Thx

Askedby D5quar36 years ago

Best way to glue Acyrlic and Delrin?

I got some semi-transparent acrylic laser cut by ponoko and I want to adhere it to a backing made of Delrin.  Since the acrylic is semi-transparent, I'd like to use a glue which dries clear.  I've scoured the interwebs, but most of the glues I found are non-transparent.  Any ideas? The piece will just hang on a wall - it doesn't need to withstand significant stresses or anything.  Thanks!

Postedby Joe4266 years ago

diy pool heater

I have tried so many different ways to heat my pool water and have had little luck. One way I did it was to take about three hundred feet of black 1/2" drip line and run it around the pool rim. I supplied cold water from a smalloutlet attached to the return line,using the power of the filtration pump to move the water from the pool through thecoil and I adjusted the flow to about half of the normal, then at the end I had the heated water re-enter the pool. Iwould say the water got to about 100 degrees, by the time it went through the drip line. The problem is that it wasn'tefficient enough to have any real effect on the pool water temperature which stays at about 60-65 even on the hottest days. I live in the Sacramento area of California, and we get pretty hot summers, usually about 90-105. Any suggestions on how I could make this idea more efficient? My pool water temp is always too cold to swim in, and I have a capacity of 12,000 gallons.

Postedby dandaman19506 years ago

porter cable 18 volt nicad charger needs new resistor

I need to replace burnt out resistor (R21 0n the cicuit board-the brown/biege resistor behind the heat sink) but i cant read the values due to the explosive destruction on the case.Can anyone give me the ohms & watts value so i can replace it.Thanks in anticipation!

Askedby dakel6 years ago

Ideas to recycle/upcycle ceiling fan?

I have a ceiling fan/light in good shape (had to be removed to accommodate a loft bed) and would like to recycle its parts. A search turned up little (wall art and an umbrella stand, not much more). Any ideas?

Postedby badrescher6 years ago

What is the instructables "Suggestions" email address? Answered

I have an idea for instructables to add, but the only email I can find is the service one, of there isn't an email, should i just pm it to an editor

Askedby popewill6 years ago

What is the best airsoft gun you have ever seen?

From Aegs to Snipers and any thing else even grenade launchers! I want to make a big list of some of the best airsoft guns in the world! 

Postedby Aron3136 years ago

Why is not all the energy transfered from the firing pin to the bullet in a K'nex gun? Answered

When the firing pin hits the bullet in a K'nex gun, why is there some energy lost? If all the energy from the firing pin was to transfer to the bullet, then the pin would stop before it hit the back of the gun. Is there some way to use all of the firing pin's energy to completely transfer to the bullet?

Askedby ~KnexBuild~6 years ago

Halogen Heater?

I stay in the northern area of India and have been using different types of heaters for warming a room. The one i feel s the most effective is halogen heater since they don't dehydrate the room like the others, but commercial heaters are ... how should I put this ??? SISSY ... they have only 2 - 3 halogen tubes and they don't heat the room fast enough. I planning to make one with 6 tubes. Any inputs ? any things i need to be careful about ??

Askedby justdeepankar6 years ago

Digital SLR? Answered

1. Why is the use of a mechanical mirror that has to flip out of the way still revered in Photography circles? 2. Why do Digital Cameras still use a mechanical shutter? I have what they call a bridge camera that uses a small LCD viewer (as well as a large colour LCD screen) and as far as I can tell uses an electronic shutter.  It seems to work well and is reliable.

Askedby rickharris6 years ago

Led Mini Beamer Overhead Projection As Cheap Wacom Cintiq Alternative?

Hello there! My last english lesson is over ten years ago, so exuse me for my mistakes.  I come from germany and i love to make comics. I juse a wacom bamboo fun for this. But my dream is ( and surely not me alone) to have a wacom cinitq. But its very expensive. To much for me.  I watched the interesting video from roryok,  who find a way with a screen panel via Wii Remote, but it seems very complicated. So i asked me: Is there an easer way for this. So i had an idea about a pen tablet overhead projection with via mini beamer. Take a look to this quickly made scribble : grafiktablett-overhead-projektion/ The most Mini Beamer have an projection space between 15 cm to 1,5 cm . (5.91 to 59.06 inch) . The smallest unit is exatly the widh of an bamboo fun, but is the resolution enough to paint of it in a dark room?  Do you mean that could work and maybe have anybody a minbeamer and an pen tablet for a test? I hope you can help me. For me there is no way to test it. By the way...I have also created a comic painter optimized analog panel ruler. Perhaps that is something for another theme. You can find it on my satire blog under: panel-ruler Best regards sgtroxx

Postedby sgtrox6 years ago

Where to get free electronic samples?

I have read a couple of instructables about getting free electronic samples from manufacturers. I am intersted in doing this but I have a problem. I don't have a company or a company email adress. I was wondering if somebody new of a list of manufacturers that I can get free parts from without having a company. Thanks

Askedby nurdee16 years ago

How do I delete a posting and start over?

I am new to the forum and attempted to upload a video of a Hocking Valley Corn Sheller restoration.  The feedback shows the video is published but I don't see it anywhere.  How do I delete the posting and try again?  Does anyone have steps that make it easy to upload video?

Askedby wdkits16 years ago

Gigantiv Bubble Machine

I am new in electronics.  Can not get the circuitry to work as described in MAKE magazine vol 28.  Has anyone built the bubble machine and can offer me some help.  I sure need it.  Thanks

Postedby lfreundl6 years ago

how do i get manganese metal from manganese dioxide? Answered

Hello, I have a very large amount of manganese dioxide, which i wish to turn into manganese metal, however, i have a problem with reducing it with carbon, which is that i dont have a furnace, or even the materials for a makeshift one, as i found out all the bricks that are sold in this state, are all sand or cement, no clay, not even at the hardware store. I was wondering, if there is any way for me to get manganese metal other than reducing with carbon, such as electrolysis of manganese in some soluble form. thanks

Askedby oldmanbeefjerky6 years ago

what is the easiest way to control 2 servos on arduino?

Can someone help me to control 2 servos on an arduino ?

Askedby nilved6 years ago

Taco time sour cream - any one got a recipe?

I've been looking everywhere. Does anyone here have a good taco time sour cream recipe? I wish they would sell it in stores as it's amazing. I've tried replicating it on my own but am a horrible cook. I always come here for amazing recipes but this one is haunting me!

Postedby DELETED_artncoffee6 years ago