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A high power LED with Glediator? Answered

I know you can use ws2801 led strips with Glediator and make a 10x10 matrix, but can I use a high power LED?

I'm not quite sure what I'd need to make this work, that's why I'm here lol

By high power LED i mean something like this: https://i.pinimg.com/originals/67/d6/52/67d652f3ee83d4ad87aa5fe56c887cac.jpg



Yes, but it ain't gonna be cheap (but then again, if you want to buy 100 pcs 100W LEDs...)
Get 100 pcs of WS2811 from:
(Gee, I hope we get the bold, italics etc. but particularly the link-button back soon).
That's around $15 plus shipping.
Then build 100 drivers controlled by it - it might be as little as 3 power transistors plus a few resistors for each. If that seems a bit much, you could build them in smaller batches and add them along the way of course.
Finally, connect them all up with power and connect one chips DO (Data Out) to the next ones DIN - DIN on the first one is where you feed the entire string.
If you really want to use 100W LEDs, remember to get a 10kW power supply (they're probably 30V types) and some beefy wires.

That's really "all" there is to it.

(I won't call it insanity, but if the Martians ever arrive, they'll be able to see your 10kW worth of LEDs from far out, giving them a prime target ;)


Actually, riffing on that, you could make DMX lights too. I have bought some direct DMX-LED drivers with constant current outputs.

Hi Steve,

OK, that might be a possibility, but, even if I haven't checked, I have a feeling that the gLEDiator won't control DMX(?)

Those were the days, when you just made the software and/or interface to other peoples software, but then came Win8.1, which won't run any of my compilers :(
Sure, I could use an old laptop if I had the space for it - but I'm not even sure if the outcome would run under Win8.1 either.



6 months ago

The jpeg looks like a three color multiple led array maybe some unknown power...

Not without a lot of effort. The WS2801 strips are smart, each LED knows where it is relative to the start of the strip. Those high power ones are dumb...